The Benefits Of Address Verification And Why Validation Is So Valuable

Is returned or lost mail impacting your customer satisfaction levels and operational expenses? An address capture system can make a significant difference to your efficiency and your bottom line. Correcting your data at the entry stage is no longer just a dream. It is a reality made possible by a certified address verification service. Not […]

Why Do You Need A Certified SERP Address Verification Solution?

Have you been using Google maps as an address verification system? What was the rate of returned or lost mail? You will have realized by now that new subdivisions are especially a problem. Then there is also the issue of your address format not matching that of Canada Post resulting in undeliverable mail. You end up […]

Address Capture Tools Can Reduce The Impact Of Increased Parcel Postage Costs

Address capture tools can help reduce the incidence of failed deliveries, lost parcels and returned packages which amount to a significant business expense. The recent Canada Post parcel postage increase has many companies concerned about the impact on their bottom line. While it might not be possible for all organizations to scale back on parcel […]

Address Verification Ensures A Smooth Checkout

How Important Is An e-Commerce Transaction? Is e-Commerce an integral part of your business transactions? Do you have a smooth checkout process? An address verification tool will not only improve transaction efficiency but also help reduce the risk of fraudulent activities. The benefits and impact will reflect on your bottom line. Positive user experience is […]

Is The Increase In Mail Postage At Canada Post Driving Your Cost Up?

Postal Address Verification Software Can Make All The Difference! Are you using address verification software to ensure your mail reaches customers on time? We all know that failed deliveries, lost mail/packages and returns account for a large part of business expenses in Canada. The bad news is that these costs are about to go higher. […]

Why Is Address Quality Important To An Organization?

Invest in proven address quality software to improve organizational efficiency and brand reputation. Wrong data or inaccurate information not only impacts customer confidence and satisfaction, but it also increases your business costs. While every organization must find its own means of creating a competitive edge, address quality verification is an easy way to jump start […]

Address Validation APIs To Improve The Way You Currently Work

An address validation API can bring significant improvement to the day-to-day operations of your call centre. From validating your current address database to providing online search, adding address validation capabilities will enhance data management. It will also enhance functional efficiency and reduce your response times. What are the benefits of an address validation API? Enables […]

Address Verification Can Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment

Employing a proper Canada Post address verification software can significantly enhance customer experience and satisfaction by reducing failed or lost deliveries. Simply put, this means a positive company image, increased brand loyalty and an improved bottom line. Address verification today has more far reaching benefits including e-commerce transactions. According to the Baymard Institute, there is […]

How Online Address Validation Services Can Help Your E-Commerce Business

Do you use online address validation services for your e-Commerce business? It is known to improve transaction efficiency and customer experience which in turn impacts your reputation and your bottom line. Consider the three most important aspects of online address validation: Secure Transactions: It allows e-commerce merchants to check cardholder’s billing address with the card […]

The Future Of Address Validation: Version 2.0

What Can The Address Validation Version 2.0 Do For You? It is an acknowledged fact that organizations can save thousands of dollars by implementing an address validation web service to maintain up-to-date customer records. The new mailing address validation version 2.0 however, takes your enterprise to the next level of success by enabling you to: […]