Advantages of Having an Address Verification System

Don’t have an address verification system yet? That could be the reason for the high rate of mailing expenses or cart abandonment at checkout. Businesses with no proper system to verify address data often see a high incidence of returned and lost mail. This impacts operational efficiency as well as client relations and business reputation.

What is an address verification system?

An address verification system checks and corrects your customer information to ensure fast and efficient delivery of mail. When in sync with Canada Post, it provides the latest information to ensure your addresses are up-to-date. As new zones develop, postal codes are constantly changing. Since mail is sorted and delivered based on this code, any discrepancy, wrong or missing information results in lost or returned mail.

nCode is an SERP-recognized address verification system with proven business benefits. It ensures your data is inputted correctly, eliminating the time and cost involved in correcting it at a later stage.

Top features of the nCode address verification system

  • Fast: Our address quality engine can match thousands of addresses per second.
  • Powerful: It validates and automatically corrects your addresses while telling you what changes are required.
  • Flexible:  It is highly configurable and lets you work with addresses in any number of formats for a variety of business purposes, including marketing.
  • Easy to integrate: It  runs natively in batch and online modes on any major hardware and operating system platform, including Windows, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, IBM i (AS/400) and z/OS (MVS).
  • Standardized with Canada Post: SERP-recognized nCode is built using the latest reference data published by Canada Post to ensure optimal accuracy.

Address verification systems have become vital to any and every business. Marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), call centre operations, business intelligence (BI), master data management (MDM), eCommerce and mailing operations, all collect and use address information.

How businesses can benefit from the nCode address verification system

nCode helps solve many common business challenges:

  • It reduces operational costs related to capturing and maintaining addresses and handling address problems like lost and undeliverable mail
  • Ensures timely delivery of critical, private and time-sensitive documents and parcels
  • Improves customer service and satisfaction
  • Allows matching for inter-organization data sharing, credit bureau checks, etc.
  • Ensures decisions are based on high quality data

Does your business comply with CASL (Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation)?

Contact our experts at NovaMG to avoid getting penalized. We’ll guide you on how to ensure a thorough clean up of your email database and use address verification to prevent sending mail to the wrong recipients or to incorrect addresses. nCode’s address quality systems integrate directly into your applications, no matter what your requirements. Save time, eliminate errors and enjoy peace of mind knowing that one of your most important information assets is protected

Call us at 416-915-4258 or 1-866-611-8353 (toll free from Canada/U.S.). Request a Free Consultation and know more about our address verification system.

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