How Online Address Validation Services Can Help Your E-Commerce Business

Do you use online address validation services for your e-Commerce business? It is known to improve transaction efficiency and customer experience which in turn impacts your reputation and your bottom line.

Consider the three most important aspects of online address validation:

  • Secure Transactions: It allows e-commerce merchants to check cardholder’s billing address with the card issuer which is crucial to reducing online credit card fraud.
  • Quick Payment: Reduce online fraud and charge-backs by identifying potentially fraudulent transactions in real time. Ensuring that lost or stolen cards are not being used for fraudulent activity can help ensure a faster and smoother payment process.
  • Satisfying Customer Experience: Showcase your commitment to offering a secure shopping environment and give your customers the confidence they need to shop online.

Additionally, the latest online address validation software have capabilities to verify the email address of the cardholder with the one that is on file.

With the rising popularity of e-Commerce, almost every business is rushing to establish its presence on the Web. Quality of service, security and customer satisfaction are some of the things that can keep you ahead of your competitors.

Today’s online address validation web service have advanced capabilities. You can:

  • Get live data to determine the quality and quantity of transactions
  • Examine failed transactions to verify if the data was really invalid or whether the validation service was out-dated
  • Monitor user preferences to improve your level of service
  • Improve response time through enhanced data accuracy and processing efficiency

If your business and your customers are online, address validation is a necessity, not an option.

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