nCode Batch Processor Overview

The nCode Batch Processor is perfect for anyone who wants to validate and automatically correct large address files quickly. It is SERP recognized by Canada Post and produces the Statement of Accuracy report (SOA) that is needed to qualify for postage discounts.

The nCode Batch Processor uses the nCode Programmers Toolkit as its address quality engine. That means you can rely on the nCode Batch Processor for speed and accuracy. While there are a number of SERP recognized software packages available, they are not all created equally. nCode's aggressive address correction heuristics properly recognize and correct many more addresses than are required to pass Canada Post's SERP tests. That means your addresses aren't merely certified, they're actually right – which means you save lots of time, trouble and expense on undeliverable mail and make big improvements to your customer satisfaction.

The nCode Batch Processor is very simple to use and easy to implement. It is available as a command line utility that runs natively on almost any hardware and operating system platform. The command line processor can be used manually or it can be easily integrated into your existing batch schedule using the batch scheduling tool of your choice. The nCode Batch Processor is also available as a feature of the nCode Workbench, which is a Windows desktop application that provides advanced functionality for processing your address files and performing address research.

Product Features

The nCode Batch Processor has the features you're looking for:

  • Address verification: nCode uses Canada Post's address reference data to verify your addresses to a very high degree of accuracy.
  • Fully automated address correction: Whenever possible, nCode corrects your addresses automatically, thereby eliminating manual intervention. nCode also tells you exactly what is wrong with an address and what is needed to make it valid.
  • Automatic standardization of addresses to your or Canada Post's standards:
  • Ability to work with addresses in any format. Define as many address formats as your business requires.
  • Bilingual address support: nCode completely supports accents, translation of address keywords and French addressing conventions.
  • Monthly updates of the reference database based on the latest Canada Post data. With nCode, you always have up-to-date address information.

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Technical Highlights

nCode's advanced technology delivers superior results:

  • Uses Canada Post's Point of Call (Range Based) Address Data (PoCAD) for Statement of Accuracy reporting and their Postal Code Address Data (PCAD) for other processing.
  • Coded in C++ for maximum performance. nCode validates and corrects between 1,000 and 2,000 records per second – or more. That's over 8 million addresses per hour. When using point of call reference data for the purposes of producing a Statement of Accuracy report, speeds of 1,500 records per second or 5.5 million records per hour are typical.
  • For the command line version, a single source code base supports all platforms including Windows, Linux, Sun Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, IBM i (AS/400) and z/OS (MVS).
  • Full technical documentation and working sample files are provided.

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Recommended For

The nCode Batch Processor is perfect for:

  • Producing the Statement of Accuracy report for Canada Post
  • Processing addresses in a scheduled batch process.
  • Periodic reassessment of existing address data and for bulk validation of new address files.
  • Back-office systems and desktop based solutions.