How Data Validation Can Maximize Your CRM and ROI

Do you have a data validation system? Data quality is key to any successful customer relationship management strategy. Higher quality of data translates to greater ROI. How can you expect to effectively connect with prospects or service your current clients if you don’t have the right information about them? It’s a waste of time, resources […]

Impact of Address Quality on Business Intelligence

Address quality in your database impacts business intelligence and consequently, operational efficiency and success. With location being a major part of statistical and functional data e.g. sales territory, service boundary or delivery route; the wrong information can affect front and back office functions like sales and marketing, transportation and logistics as well as CRM. Here’s […]

Advantages of Having an Address Verification System

Don’t have an address verification system yet? That could be the reason for the high rate of mailing expenses or cart abandonment at checkout. Businesses with no proper system to verify address data often see a high incidence of returned and lost mail. This impacts operational efficiency as well as client relations and business reputation. […]

How Point of Call Differs from Postal Code Address Data

Maximize Database Asset Value with the nCode PoCAD tool Address reference data provides important information about the validity of postal codes and consequently affects mailing efficiency and cost. nCode uses two types of address reference data published by Canada Post to recognise valid addresses, i.e. Postal Code Address Data (PCAD) which has been published for […]

How Address Layouts Affect Address Quality

Try The nCode Address Verification System Did you know that address layout affects address quality and is one of the main reasons for your mailing issues? Incomplete and wrong addresses (and returned or lost mail) are often a result of improper layouts and insufficient information. A proven address verification system like nCode helps eliminate virtually […]

Are Your Customers Abandoning The Checkout?

Use The nCode Address Validation System To Increase Conversions An SERP-recognised address validation tool like nCode can help significantly reduce loss of customers at the checkout stage. Rigid address formats are one of the main reasons for customer frustration and abandonment, and just when you almost had them! Postal code entry, for instance, is a […]

Our Address Validation System Improves Data Entry Quality For Multi Language Call Centers

An SERP-recognized address validation system like nCode instantly corrects data to Canada Post requirements, resolving many of the issues that multi-language call centers may face. Missing or incorrect accents in French language addresses, for example, can render addresses invalid and often result in lost or returned mail. This tarnishes business image and customer relations, in […]

Online Address Verification: What Can nCode Do?

Online address verification can help resolve many of your customer communication and transactional issues. Complex data gathering formats and lack of standardization, especially to Canada Post standards, often result in customer frustration, shopping cart abandonment and business loss. A proven address verification system like nCode solves most of your data gathering problems right at the […]

e-Commerce Shift In Market Means Higher Need For Parcel Address Accuracy

nCode Address Verification Service = Reduced Cost + Greater Client Satisfaction An advanced address verification service such as nCode can resolve most of your mailing issues. Wrong or invalid addresses often account for increased operational expenses, customer frustration and even lost mail. This is unnecessary when there are automatic address verification systems available to correct […]

The Importance Of Address Transformation

nCode Offers Automatic Correction And Status Updates Address data formats and inputting standards differ vastly. This complicates data gathering and standardization, leading to many inefficiencies and operational cost issues. Also, human error adds to the problem. Proven address transformation solutions from nCode can solve almost all of your data issues. Our automatic address transformation solution […]