Improved Automated Database Downloading

You may have read our Knowledge Base article Automating Reference Data Downloads, which describes the process of automating the monthly nCode Address Reference Database download process. You can create an unattended download job that let’s you look for reference database updates and download them automatically using the batch scheduling tool of your choice. This mechanism […]

Automating The nCode Reference Data Download

nCode uses reference data published by Canada Post to match and correct your Canadian mailing addresses. Getting the latest monthly reference data update is easy. We email our customers with links to download the new file each month. You just click the link and the file is downloaded right to your PC. Installing the database […]

Point Of Call Reference Data

Point Of Call Canada Post publishes data that lists the official valid mailing addresses in Canada. The most recent version of this data is referred to as “Point of Call”. What is Point of Call data and what does it mean for your organization? Read on to find out… Two Views Of Address Reference Data Prior to January […]

How Do I Get The Latest Address Database Update?

You can always download the latest address reference data files from our website. These files include: NCODEREF.DAT – The primary address reference database, built using Canada Post’s PCAD dataset; this file is used for interactive address validation, correction and searching. NCODEPOC.DAT – The point of call address reference database, built using Canada Post’s PoCAD dataset; […]

How often is updated address data made available?

Canada Post supplies new address reference data once each month.  Nova takes each new release and rebuilds our nCode address reference database with the most up-to-date data available.  This database is then made available to you for download through our website. You are free to update your nCode implementation with the latest reference data at […]