Impact of Address Quality on Business Intelligence

Address quality in your database impacts business intelligence and consequently, operational efficiency and success. With location being a major part of statistical and functional data e.g. sales territory, service boundary or delivery route; the wrong information can affect front and back office functions like sales and marketing, transportation and logistics as well as CRM. Here’s where a GIS (Geographical Information System) can deliver real value to your bottom line.

What is a GIS?

GIS is a computerized system that integrates, stores, edits, analyzes, shares, and displays locational data. This information can be represented in many ways such as streets, zip codes, latitude and longitude or location of businesses, schools, residences, etc.

Ability to add, combine and interpret data of various forms in a single database makes it an invaluable tool in business planning and goal-setting. For this purpose, it is attached to many operations and has a range of applications related to engineering, sales management, transport/logistics, insurance, telecommunications, decision making and customer service.

The impact of poor address quality on business

Valid address data is important to every business. You must have a foolproof way to reach your customers. Poor address quality affects your bottom line in many ways. Marketing efforts are diluted increasing customer acquisition costs. Service levels are impacted and consequently, your business reputation, client satisfaction rates and customer retention takes a beating.

Address verification reduces the risk of incomplete or incorrect locational data and analysis for better decision making.

How nCode’s address verification solutions fill the gaps

nCode’s address verification solutions allow you to capture data quickly and correctly while standardizing and formatting it to suit your specific requirements. Getting addresses right at the input stage saves time and improves efficiency.

Additionally, our address quality tools integrate directly into your in-house applications or can be managed with stand-alone applications.

Make the most of nCode’s full technical support to ensure seamless implementation. We offer expert guidance with planning, development, implementation and operation of your address verification solution.

Call us at 416-915-4258 or 1-866-611-8353 (toll free from Canada/U.S.) to know more about our address quality tools.

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