Point Of Call Reference Data

Point Of Call Canada Post publishes data that lists the official valid mailing addresses in Canada. The most recent version of this data is referred to as “Point of Call”. What is Point of Call data and what does it mean for your organization? Read on to find out… Two Views Of Address Reference Data Prior to January [...]

What Organizations Should Do To Handle Rural Street Addresses

One of the challenges that most organizations face when working with address data is how to handle street addresses in small towns and out in the countryside. Canada Post maintains the official list of all Canadian mailing addresses, but in rural areas, these addresses are rarely street addresses. Instead they are PO Box, Route Service (RR) or [...]

How nCode Meets The Needs Of CIBC Amicus For Improved Efficiency

CIBC chooses nCode for real-time online correction of address information for President’s Choice Financial. Client Since: January 1999 Products in Use: nCode Programmers Toolkit, nCode Web Services What They Needed: CIBC’s Amicus Group needed a real-time, online, PC based solution to validate and correct address information for a large call centre. These needs included: Address [...]

Can nCode Enforce Standards For Address Layout And Format?

Yes, nCode allows you to define as many different address layouts as your organization requires. Address layouts describe the structure of your address: how many lines are there? Which elements are expected on each line? Is the address information highly structured or free form? You can use address layout configuration presets to describe your input addresses to nCode [...]

What Is The Business Case For An Address Quality Solution?

There are many benefits your organization can realize by implementing an address quality solution powered by nCode. Using this software allows you to: Save Time – By improving the efficiency of your address capture and management procedures and avoiding wasted effort dealing with the consequences of address errors. Save Money – By improving the efficiency and [...]

How Often Are nCode Program Updates Made Available?

Nova Marketing Group understands that our customers must balance the desire for new features with the need for stability and reliability. Program updates for nCode are made when Canada Post mandates changes and when we build new functionality to meet our customers’ needs. We strive to maintain backward compatibility with older releases in order to avoid [...]

DigiMap Data Services Delivers Powerful Functionality With nCode Tools

DigiMap Data Services Inc is proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated. We are a full service Geographic Information Systems (GIS) firm that offers a complete range of products and services to enable the cost-effective capture, display and synthesis of spatial information. Through our fourteen year history, DigiMap has accumulated an unsurpassed level of knowledge of [...]