What Does Bad Address Quality Cost You?

Is your address data as accurate as it could be? Customer data is your most valuable information asset. The most important thing you know about your customers is where to find them. That’s why it’s so important to eliminate errors in your address database. Poor address quality impacts your operations in many ways and in […]

Alberta Wellnet

Client Since: November 2002 Products in Use: nCode Programmers Toolkit Alberta Wellnet is part of the Alberta Department of Health. They traditionally managed name and address information for everyone who was enrolled in the provincial health insurance system centrally within their mainframe system environment using Group/1 and Vality software. Their challenge was to expand the […]

How nCode Meets The Needs Of CIBC Amicus For Improved Efficiency

CIBC chooses nCode for real-time online correction of address information for President’s Choice Financial. Client Since: January 1999 Products in Use: nCode Programmers Toolkit, nCode Web Services What They Needed: CIBC’s Amicus Group needed a real-time, online, PC based solution to validate and correct address information for a large call centre. These needs included: Address […]

What Is The Business Case For An Address Quality Solution?

There are many benefits your organization can realize by implementing an address quality solution powered by nCode. Using this software allows you to: Save Time – By improving the efficiency of your address capture and management procedures and avoiding wasted effort dealing with the consequences of address errors. Save Money – By improving the efficiency and […]

nCode Helped A Leading Canadian Retailer Reduce Cost And Risk Of Fraud

Client Since: May 2002 Products in Use: nCode Programmers Toolkit A leading Canadian retailer needed to reduce the costs associated with fraud and credit bureau reporting for their call centre. In addition, they required nCode to integrate with a third party CRM system already in place. Nova not only helped them plan their integration, but […]

nCode Assisted The Government Of New Brunswick By Saving Mailing Costs

Client Since: March 1996 Products in Use: nCode Programmers Toolkit nCode helps the Government of News Brunswick’s Department of Family and Community Services to ensure that cheques, health cards, and other important mail gets to their constituents. nCode has saved them time and significant dollars on daily and monthly mailings by enabling them to meet […]

Large Financial Institution

Client Since: January 1999 Products in Use: nCode Programmers Toolkit, nCode Web Services One of Canada’s biggest banks was challenged with building a new client-server based system which involved the management of customer name and address data. They needed to ensure that there was only one copy of a customer’s address in the system and […]

What differentiates nCode from competing products?

There are a number of address accuracy products on the market.  However, not all of these products are equally capable of meeting your address quality needs.  Some products are not even recognized under Canada Post’s SERP testing program.  SERP recognition is an important indication that official, timely reference data is used to validate and correct […]