The Leader in Canadian Address Verification

High quality customer information, built on a strong foundation of accurate customer addresses is one of your organization's most significant and valuable information assets. You spend a lot of time, attention and money on building and maintaining this value. But capturing and maintaining accurate, timely, high quality data isn't easy. What you need is a tool that gives you powerful address quality functionality that reduces costs and improves customer service by getting your address data right the first time.

That Tool is nCode.

nCode is the most powerful, flexible, and accurate software toolkit for Canadian mailing addresses. With nCode, your in-house systems and packaged software will have remarkable address quality intelligence, including address validation and automatic correction, address standardization and transformation, and the most powerful and flexible address searching capabilities available. Built using the latest reference data published by Canada Post, nCode is SERP-recognized so you can be confident that your addresses are right. Trust nCode to help you build, protect and leverage the value of your most precious information resource.


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