Online Address Validation For Cross Channel Sales

Online address validation offers a simple solution to managing cross channel marketing data. With businesses using a variety of sales platforms to gain a competitive edge, a common threat is that the most basic (and important) customer information will fall through the gaps. Organizations that have a cohesive data management strategy will be able to […]

Address Capture Tools Improve Speed And Accuracy

Proven address capture tools can help significantly improve data input speeds as well as accuracy. Address data is an integral part of lead generation and marketing. Efficiency in collating and managing this process impacts the quality of business transactions, communications and ultimately, your bottom line. What Is Data Entry Speed? Data entry speed measures the […]

nCode Offers Efficient And Accurate Address Capture

Tips For Collecting Zip Code And Postal Information Address capture is a vital part of any business operations. Whether it is for communicating with your customers or sourcing new leads, efficiency and accuracy are essential. You could be receiving your data from various sources which increases the risk of duplication and incorrect addresses; hence leading […]

Verify Canadian Addresses With A Proven Address Verification Tool

What Is A Deliverable Address Reliable Canada Post address verification tools can help verify Canadian mailing addresses and save you the cost and embarrassment of undeliverable mail. Lost or returned mail is not only an unnecessary expense (both in terms of paper and mailing costs) it also reduces the effectiveness of your marketing and customer […]

Address Validation Software Reduces Chances Of Error And Your Mailing Costs

SERP address validation software is one of the most cost-effective ways to purge your database of duplicates, old and undeliverable addresses. Cleaning up your mailing list is beneficial in more ways than one. It helps improve business efficiency, the quality of customer communications, response time, your reputation and above all, your bottom line. Let’s look […]

Mailing Address Verification Software Effortlessly Obtains Accurate Data

Do You Have A Process For Change Of Address? Mailing address verification software offers an effortless and accurate way to reduce the percentage of undeliverable mail. Lost and returned postage accounts for a large amount of operational expenses. It also reflects on your efficiency and could tarnish your business image. Add to this is the […]

Hosted Address Validation

Are you looking for an efficient way to gather and maintain address data? Hosted address validation could be your ideal solution. It offers reliability and performance with a zero-footprint online service. You have nothing to install or maintain. All you have to do is find a plan that meets your objectives and your budget. What […]

Lower Your Risk Of Lost Mail

Canada Post address verification software eliminates the cost of undeliverable or lost mail. Do you know how mail is sorted? Addresses are read by machines. If the label is unclear, a city and postal code do not match, or a postal code is missing, it must be manually read and sorted. This can delay the […]

Mailing Address Validation Can Reduce Errors And Expenses

The Importance Of Address Accuracy In Business Efficiency Mailing address validation contributes in a large way to business efficiency and success. Accurate data means mail reaches your customers on time, promoting a faster and more positive response while saving you the cost of dealing with lost or undeliverable mail. A mailing address validation system can […]

De-duplication With The Right Address Quality Software

Enhanced address quality translates to more efficient customer communication and business transactions. You can reduce a considerable amount of time, effort and money spent in dealing with undeliverable and lost mail/packages. A quick assessment of an address database will often reveal duplication and lack of a standardized format as being the main reasons for lost […]