Address Validation APIs To Improve The Way You Currently Work

An address validation API can bring significant improvement to the day-to-day operations of your call centre. From validating your current address database to providing online search, adding address validation capabilities will enhance data management. It will also enhance functional efficiency and reduce your response times.

What are the benefits of an address validation API?

  • Enables your customer service reps to confirm and correct addresses during calls
  • Checks existing customer addresses, flags errors and suggests alternatives
  • Ensures data is inputted the first time
  • Reduces time (and resources) spent on correcting errors
  • Offers an accurate and consistent (standardized) format for inputting, storing and accessing customer data
  • Provides reliability
  • Serves a variety of business purposes including marketing, sales and customer communications
  • Maintains data history even when source systems do not
  • Reduces incidence of returns from shipment to wrong addresses
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Optimizes your payment management strategies
  • Eliminates the frustration (both on the part of the service representative and the customer) caused by targeting the same client multiple times
  • Improves customer service and satisfaction

There are many different types of address validation APIs available today. Evaluate different solutions before you make a choice. Ease of implementation and usage, as well as compatibility with Canada Post are important criteria in the selection process.

Also look at the company’s track record. An address validation API from an established source offers the assurance of a quality product and professional assistance with setup and staff training.

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