Why Do You Need A Certified SERP Address Verification Solution?

Have you been using Google maps as an address verification system? What was the rate of returned or lost mail? You will have realized by now that new subdivisions are especially a problem. Then there is also the issue of your address format not matching that of Canada Post resulting in undeliverable mail. You end up doubling the effort and the expense of communicating with your clients, that too at reduced efficiency and with a high risk of lowering customer satisfaction.

If customer service and brand reputation are important for your business, you can’t really substitute non-certified mapping systems for a SERP address verification solution. It is common sense but we will explain two of the main reasons why.

  • A mapping system, like Google maps (we are using this as an example because of its popularity) is a geographical locator not an address verifier. It will attempt to show you the destination based on co-ordinates but it cannot verify its authenticity.
  • Non-certified mapping systems have no parameters to conform to and function more as location estimators. You will surely have heard of more than one person who used them to plan trips or find a location and ended up in a field or by the lake.

An SERP address verification system on the other hand aims at validating and correcting mailing lists according to Canada Post requirements. The main advantages of using such a solution are:

  • It meets Canada Post address accuracy requirements = reduced errors and enhanced data management
  • Ensures more efficient delivery of your mail = customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Decreases the percentage of undeliverable mail = lower operational costs

Would you like to improve your company’s performance? NovaMG offers an exceptional address verification system to ensure your customers have a seamless experience.

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