How Data Validation Can Maximize Your CRM and ROI

Do you have a data validation system? Data quality is key to any successful customer relationship management strategy. Higher quality of data translates to greater ROI. How can you expect to effectively connect with prospects or service your current clients if you don’t have the right information about them? It’s a waste of time, resources and money! A situation that you can avoid with a data verification and validation system.

Impact of wrong or duplicate data

  • Challenges with defining target audience
  • Ineffective and costly marketing campaigns
  • Delayed or lost mail and shipments resulting in customer dissatisfaction and losses
  • Higher operational and servicing costs because of mailing issues and account duplication
  • Potential customers put off by wrong or redundant contact information
  • Wrong conclusions and decision making that negatively affect your business
  • Leaves ecommerce transactions open to fraud

Importing information from external sources, inputting errors and insufficient information are the main reasons for data verification. Here’s a simple way to avoid or completely eliminate these issues.

How to maintain clean and accurate customer information

  1. Clean and standardize all data before loading it
  2. Stop bad data from entering the CRM system
  3. Ongoing verification or validation of data quality within the CRM system

How nCode’s data validation system eliminates costly errors

Poor address data impacts sales, marketing, service quality, customer satisfaction and consequently, your bottom line. nCode’s address validation solutions are a smart and easy solution.

We make it easy to capture, correct, standardize and transform your addresses for specific requirements while helping you share address data seamlessly across several of your own systems. Data validation at the time of input saves the time, effort and cost of having it redone. Our tool can match thousands of addresses per second and uses the latest reference data from Canada Post.

nCode data validation systems are also easy to implement. They integrate directly into your in-house applications. Should you have specific problems with data verification, our experts are always ready and willing to help you find a solution.

Save time, resources and money with nCode’s data verification tools.

Call us at 416-915-4258 or 1-866-611-8353 (toll free from Canada/U.S.) to know more about our data validation solutions.

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