Configuring The Location Of nCode Reference Data Files

One of the benefits of nCode is that it is highly configurable. One of the options you have for configuring your nCode deployment is that you have several ways to set the location of your nCode address reference data. The nCode address reference database consists of a single file (NCODEREF.DAT) built using the Canada Post […]

Can nCode Enforce Standards For Address Layout And Format?

Yes, nCode allows you to define as many different address layouts as your organization requires. Address layouts describe the structure of your address: how many lines are there? Which elements are expected on each line? Is the address information highly structured or free form? You can use address layout configuration presets to describe your input addresses to nCode […]

Does nCode process French addresses?

Yes.  nCode fully supports French addresses, including handling and enforcing accents as well as the translation and placement of address keywords accord to French street name syntax.  nCode also supports the official 18 and 13 character abbreviations for long city names which are common in Quebec. For organizations that have systems which cannot process accented […]