Address Quality Tools for Your Applications

Address data is an important part of many of your business applications. Marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), call centre operations, business intelligence (BI), master data management (MDM) and mailing operations all collect and use address information. You need to get your address data right the first time to maintain your customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Flexible, Powerful, Fast

Designed to let you work with your addresses the way you want to, no other Canadian address quality tool is as flexible as nCode. nCode is highly configurable, letting you to work with addresses in any number of formats that you require. Your addresses can be highly structured, fully free-form or anything in between. nCode accepts your addresses in any format and can quickly transform addresses into any formats that you need for various business applications.

nCode's address quality engine can match thousands of addresses per second and uses the latest reference data from Canada Post. Our proprietary reference address database technology means that you have no third party software, like expensive database management systems to buy, install or operate.

Easy to Integrate

Your address data is part of almost every one of your business systems. You need address quality functionality that fits right in with your existing applications. Address quality functionality needs to be integrated directly within your business applications if it's going to be of real help. That's why you need nCode. nCode is engineered from the ground up to integrate easily with your applications, regardless of the technology platform that you use.

No matter what your requirements, nCode is easy to integrate with your existing in-house systems and packaged software. Any programming language that can access an API library (DLL, shared library, service program), SOAP/XML web service or REST/JSON web service can access nCode. This includes popular languages like C, C++, Java, C#, Visual Basic, Cobol, RPG and many, many others. nCode runs natively on every major hardware and operating system platform so there is an nCode for you.

nCode Toolkit

The nCode Programmers Toolkit provides a comprehensive array of address quality functions and is ideal for any application that requires very high performance and the ultimate in flexibility.

nCode Web Services

nCode Web Services edition provides all of the power and flexibility of the nCode Toolkit through a web services interface which is optimized for distributed and web-based systems.

Hosted nCode

Hosted nCode has all of the most popular features of nCode Web Services edition and runs on Nova's servers so you have nothing at all to install or operate. With Hosted nCode you can simply purchase address validation, correction and searching transactions using one of our convenient prepaid or post-paid price plans.