How often is updated address data made available?

Canada Post supplies new address reference data once each month.  Nova takes each new release and rebuilds our nCode address reference database with the most up-to-date data available.  This database is then made available to you for download through our website. You are free to update your nCode implementation with the latest reference data at […]

Why is address data so hard to get right?

Address data is everywhere.  Approximately 80% of databases and 25% of business documents contain address data[1].  What’s more, a lot of this data is lacking in quality.  Gartner has estimated that more than 25% of critical data in large corporations is flawed[2].  Data quality in general is an issue for most organizations, but address data […]

What platforms are supported by the nCodeGeo Toolkit for .NET?

The nCodeGeo Toolkit provides powerful geocoding capabilities including postal code latitude/longitude lookup, proximity searching and course/distance calculation.  You can run the nCodeGeo Toolkit natively on Microsoft Windows (XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008, Windows 8, Server 2012).  nCodeGeo should run successfully on other platforms under Mono. When used with the nCode Workbench (nCode […]

Large Financial Institution

Client Since: January 1999 Products in Use: nCode Programmers Toolkit, nCode Web Services One of Canada’s biggest banks was challenged with building a new client-server based system which involved the management of customer name and address data. They needed to ensure that there was only one copy of a customer’s address in the system and […]

What platforms are supported by the nCode Batch Processor?

The nCode Batch Processor provides powerful batch address file processing across the widest set of platforms in the industry.  You can run the nCode Batch natively on these platforms: Microsoft Windows (XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2008, Windows 8, Server 2012) (* See Notes) Linux HP-UX Sun Solaris IBM AIX IBM i (AS/400) […]

Does nCode process French addresses?

Yes.  nCode fully supports French addresses, including handling and enforcing accents as well as the translation and placement of address keywords accord to French street name syntax.  nCode also supports the official 18 and 13 character abbreviations for long city names which are common in Quebec. For organizations that have systems which cannot process accented […]

What Is An “Excluded Address” Or An “Excluded Apartment Address”?

An Excluded Address, also called an Excluded Apartment Address, is one which matches a known apartment or business building, but which has obvious problems with the suite number. In particular, these addresses have a suite number which is not part of any of the known valid suite number ranges found in the Canada Post reference data. […]

What differentiates nCode from competing products?

There are a number of address accuracy products on the market.  However, not all of these products are equally capable of meeting your address quality needs.  Some products are not even recognized under Canada Post’s SERP testing program.  SERP recognition is an important indication that official, timely reference data is used to validate and correct […]

Satori Software

Satori Software has served the mailing industry for over 20 years, specializing in address management solutions. The company has provided address verification software to a wide range of companies – from three-person catalog operations to Fortune 500 enterprises. Satori Software has helped in the CRM market by improving address quality and eliminating the problem of […]