The Benefits Of Address Verification And Why Validation Is So Valuable

Is returned or lost mail impacting your customer satisfaction levels and operational expenses? An address capture system can make a significant difference to your efficiency and your bottom line.

Correcting your data at the entry stage is no longer just a dream. It is a reality made possible by a certified address verification service.

Not convinced? Take a few moments to consider the many benefits of an advanced address capture solution.

  • Real-time address verification: Eliminates time wastage in correcting data as it validates the address right away preventing any errors at the time of inputting.
  • Data accuracy: Say goodbye to misspelled or incomplete addresses. If your address capture software is Canada Post-approved, you are looking at a significant reduction of undeliverable mail.
  • Speed of entry:  Increases efficiency and productivity by minimizing keystrokes for input.
  • Simplified entry screen: There is no need to leave the interface you are working on to look up the correct address—enjoy a seamless user experience.
  • Lower IT costs: A reliable address verification service can host all the postal data on their servers eliminating maintenance and server costs.
  • Reduced fraud: You can verify addresses prior to accepting orders through your website. This will ensure a faster and smoother payment process and save the cost of shipping to a wrong address, returns and resending.
  • Enhanced ROI: It costs less to correct data at the address capture stage. Mailing efficiency helps save on postage, printing and above all, address correction penalties. You will also enjoy greater returns on your sales/ marketing campaigns and faster customer payments.

Are you having trouble maintaining your customer database? If you are seeking address verification services, call NovaMG today.

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