Address Capture Tools Can Reduce The Impact Of Increased Parcel Postage Costs

Address capture tools can help reduce the incidence of failed deliveries, lost parcels and returned packages which amount to a significant business expense. The recent Canada Post parcel postage increase has many companies concerned about the impact on their bottom line. While it might not be possible for all organizations to scale back on parcel postage, you can certainly streamline costs by cutting out unnecessary expenses.

Address capture software or an address verification service is no longer a choice but a critical need.

Consider a failed delivery or lost package situation.
Probable cause: Wrong or incomplete address
Consequence: Potential loss of revenue and customer
With studies suggesting that 23% of mail gets lost, the impact on your revenue can be hard.

With the right address capture solution, your business can:

  • Verify addresses at the data input stage reducing the incidence of mailing errors
  • Standardize data to Canada Post guidelines eliminating unnecessary returns and delivery delays
  • Efficiently manage customer data for a variety of purposes including client communication and marketing initiatives

Would you like to improve your company’s performance and returns? NovaMG offers address capture tools and verification services that will easily integrate with your business.

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