Understanding nCode Products

We can go on and on about address validation software and how important it is to get your data right from the start. But you already know that. You know how critical it is to reach your customers on time and in a cost-efficient way. So instead we’ll just help you understand the range of advanced […]

The Add-Ons That nCode Supports – 2013 Update

The add-ons that nCode supports include address validation using the latest, most comprehensive and accurate geocoding reference data in Canada. Take advantage of high quality address data functionality right on your desktop or in your back-office batch job stream with applications built using the nCode engine. nCode Batch Processor: Validate and automatically correct your address […]

Why Use An Address Validation Web Service

An address validation web service enhances accuracy and efficiency which translates to business success. Wrong data has very often results in missed business opportunities and loss of revenue. If you’re looking to speed up transactions (or communication) and improve customer experience then a web-based address validation tool is the ideal solution. The advantages of web-based […]

What Is Batch Address Verification?

Batch address verification helps authenticate large volumes of data right from the start. Verifying your information at the point of data capture will save your company the effort, resources and cost associated with failed deliveries. It is a good idea, therefore, to implement an automated system that will flag any discrepancies while the data is […]

Online Address Verification Services For SMBs

If you’ve been dragging your feet on installing online address verification services, here’s an interesting observation from an industry expert that might prompt quick action. Kerry Munro, President of the Digital Delivery Network at Canada Post says, “Delays in payment receipt parcel delivery failures and poor customer experiences can often be the result of inaccurate […]

Why Direct Mail Campaigns Need Mailing Address Verification

Planning a direct mail campaign? Is mailing address verification part of your blueprint? Making sure you have the right addresses can save you time, effort and stress. Here are some important reasons why you need mailing address verification: Customers could have moved or changed their postal address Handwritten addresses are not always legible and you […]

What Is Data Warehousing?

Data warehousing typically refers to a central repository of data which is created by integrating information from a variety of sources. In the most general sense, data warehouses store current and historical data for analysis and reporting as well as customer communications. Since almost all companies need to have correct customer information for business communications […]

Is Bad Data A Hazard To Your Customers?

No matter what type of business you are running, customer satisfaction impacts your reputation and bottom line. Address data is an important part of customer service and business communication. So is bad data a hazard to your customers? Definitely! We have highlighted how data quality affects your customer experience. How Is Bad Data A Hazard […]

What Industries Best Utilize Address Validation Software?

Virtually every business has a database with addresses of customers, whether it is for mail correspondence, deliveries or mailing of time sensitive materials. Address validation software is, therefore, an important part of every business operation irrespective of its size and needs. There are certain businesses, however, where the bottom line is directly affected by their […]

Why Is Address Quality Important?

Address quality impacts your bottom line and company reputation. Returned or lost mail increases business cost and frustrates your customers. Simply put, your loss is the competition’s gain. With the wide availability of services today it takes very little for clients to move over to another provider. Every business needs to take a long and […]