Address Verification Ensures A Smooth Checkout

How Important Is An e-Commerce Transaction?

Is e-Commerce an integral part of your business transactions? Do you have a smooth checkout process? An address verification tool will not only improve transaction efficiency but also help reduce the risk of fraudulent activities. The benefits and impact will reflect on your bottom line.

Positive user experience is critical to building customer loyalty and referrals. This means an efficient and secure checkout process. With identity theft on the rise, you need a tool that will protect your customers and business against fraud without slowing down transactions or adding to your cost. Address verification can be that two-in-one tool.

How does batch address verification improve e-Commerce transactions?

  • Verifies credit card holder’s identity: By verifying a cardholder’s billing address, the system attempts to ensure that the card is being used by its legal owner. It does this by checking the billing address provided by the user with the address recorded with the credit card company or bank’s database.
  • Alerts the user and your business if there is any discrepancy: The person will be notified right away and the transaction will be flagged.
  • Promotes a more efficient and secure payment process: By ensuring that lost or stolen cards are not being used for fraudulent activity, it can help ensure a faster and smoother payment process.
  • Reduces the incidence and cost of wrong deliveries: Many companies lose a substantial amount of money on wrong or failed deliveries. By instantly verifying the address or flagging discrepancies, you can save the cost of shipping to a wrong address, returns and resending.

Would you like to improve your company’s e-Commerce revenues? NovaMG offers exceptional address verification software to ensure your customers have a seamless experience.

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