The nCode Product Line

The most important thing you know about your customers is where to find them. With nCode, you can ensure that you get your customer address data right the first time.

All nCode Canadian mailing address quality products use the same engine, which gives them extraordinary flexibility, high performance, ease of integration and consistency. You can count on nCode to give your organization the peace of mind that comes from knowing that one of your most important information assets is protected against errors and bad formatting.

You can integrate the powerful address verification tools directly into your in-house applications and packaged software or manage the quality of your address data files with our stand-alone applications. Every product helps you maximize the value of your address database assets.

nCode Address Quality Tools

nCode is easily integrated directly into your applications, no matter what your requirements. Give your users powerful address data quality features that save them time and eliminate errors, all within the systems and user interfaces that they already use and know well.

Our address quality tools make sure that your address data is right, standardized and formatted according to your needs, while making it easier and faster to capture. Getting addresses right when you first capture them is the best way to ensure that your operations are efficient and effective. Our address quality tools include application program interfaces (APIs) and web services that turn your systems into address quality experts.

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nCode Applications And Add-Ons

Our nCode applications and add-ons can help you save money and make better decisions. If you have large mailings then you know the importance of having a Statement of Accuracy Report (SOA) for Canada Post. nCode's SERP-recognized batch processor generates your SOA and it does so while recognizing almost one third more correctable addresses than are required to pass Canada Post's SERP test. That translates into big savings for you, not just because of postage discounts, but because your addresses aren't merely certified, they're also accurate and properly formatted. This means much less undeliverable mail and much higher marketing mailing penetration rates.

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