Is The Increase In Mail Postage At Canada Post Driving Your Cost Up?

Postal Address Verification Software Can Make All The Difference!

Are you using address verification software to ensure your mail reaches customers on time? We all know that failed deliveries, lost mail/packages and returns account for a large part of business expenses in Canada. The bad news is that these costs are about to go higher.

A directive from Canada Post indicates a steep rise in mail postal rates. While this price hike will affect all customers, businesses will be hit harder. The question is not whether your business can afford this high cost associated with returned or lost postage, but more importantly, why you should incur this unnecessary expense at all.

Failed deliveries and lost mail can cost you dearly! Not just in terms of expenses but also your customers. With the many choices available in the market, there is nothing to stop an unhappy client from moving over to your competitors. With prices being fairly average, service quality is the only distinction.

Address verification software solutions in Canada can help streamline your mailing expenses while improving customer experience, data quality and management significantly.

Would you like to improve your company’s performance? NovaMG offers exceptional address verification software to ensure your customers have a seamless experience.

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