Configuring The Location Of nCode Reference Data Files

One of the benefits of nCode is that it is highly configurable. One of the options you have for configuring your nCode deployment is that you have several ways to set the location of your nCode address reference data. The nCode address reference database consists of a single file (NCODEREF.DAT) built using the Canada Post […]

Getting A Statement Of Accuracy Report With nCode

One of the requirements for getting volume postage discounts from Canada Post is to have your mailing list certified by address quality software that is recognized by Canada Post under their Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP). You need to provide Canada Post with a Statement of Accuracy Report (SOA) that shows your mailing list’s […]

I Got n nCode Error Message. What Do I Do?

Although we do our best to try to avoid it, you might sometimes receive an error message when working with the nCode Workbench (nCodeCfg.exe). When an unanticipated error occurs, you will see a dialog box that looks like this: The standard message is: nCode Configuration Utility An error has occured. The details have been logged […]