Address Validation Software Reduces Chances Of Error And Your Mailing Costs

SERP address validation software is one of the most cost-effective ways to purge your database of duplicates, old and undeliverable addresses. Cleaning up your mailing list is beneficial in more ways than one. It helps improve business efficiency, the quality of customer communications, response time, your reputation and above all, your bottom line.

Let’s look at the 3 main types of business savings that address validation software offers:

  • It lowers your list rental costs: In addition to eliminating the risk of paying for the same name more than once, you can get deductions on rented lists by reporting duplicates and undeliverable names.
  • Saves thousands through postal discounts: By using tools provided by Canada Post (or approved address validation software) to clean up and pre-sort your list, you can take advantage postal discounts.
  • Reduces cost of printing and postage significantly: Cleaning up helps eliminate duplicates which contribute to the high cost of printing and postage.

There are many address validation solutions available here in Canada. Find one that is easy to implement, simple to use, and meets your business objectives.

Steps to clean a mailing list:

  • Check your data, manually or systemically according to simple business rules.
  • Set data standards and create internal process reviews for better address quality
  • Apply spelling (and their variations), you cannot rely on the automated spell check to find and correct errors.
  • Input addresses correctly. Canada Post-approved software offers a great benefit as it will flag discrepancies immediately.
  • Cross-check entries for duplicates. Certain fields, such as email address, can be used to quickly identify duplications and then consolidate or discard one of the entries.

It also helps to monitor returned mail as it indicates that your address database needs further clean-up.

Canada Post offers address validation tools to reduce the incidence and cost of undeliverable mail. Here are two that every business should take advantage of.

  • The Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP): A Canada Post testing program that evaluates the ability of both commercial and internally-developed software packages to validate and correct mailing lists according to Canada Post requirements.
  • Address Accuracy Program: Helps you to accurately address your mail eliminating the need for extra handling and resending of mail that could not be delivered as originally addressed. The resulting savings translate into more efficient service and lower costs for you.

Are you having trouble maintaining your customer database?

The nCode Batch Processor is perfect for anyone who wants to validate and automatically correct large address files quickly. It is SERP recognized by Canada Post and produces the Statement of Accuracy report (SOA) that is needed to qualify for postage discounts.

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