Mailing Address Verification Software Effortlessly Obtains Accurate Data

Do You Have A Process For Change Of Address?

Mailing address verification software offers an effortless and accurate way to reduce the percentage of undeliverable mail. Lost and returned postage accounts for a large amount of operational expenses. It also reflects on your efficiency and could tarnish your business image. Add to this is the challenge posed by customer requests for a change in address. Without a proper system in place, you could end up annoying and losing important clients and hundreds of dollars in revenue.

Here are some of the different methods for managing changing customer address information in your company’s database:

  • Manual update: The customer service representative (CSR) takes down the new address and proceeds to access and update multiple relevant systems. Potential problems include possibility of human error, keeping the customer on the phone line for a long time, and legal compliance and/or security issues with certain types of personal information.
  • Integrated User Interface: Here the CSR would input the new address information into a single user interface (UI) which can be accessed across the portlet. Automatic transmission eliminates retyping and reduces the chance of human error. The process can be completely automated. Keep in mind, however, that the integration is only at the UI level. This requires passing of information between the UI forms.
  • Integrated Application: Here multiple systems may be integrated as a single application to simplify and automate the entire process. Problems may, however, occur when trying to integrate it with a new or another existing database as it would require an expensive, time-consuming rewrite of all applications to achieve the best level of integration.
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA): In a SOA approach, for two (or more) systems that require address updates, each system provides a service that allows external parties to update these addresses. Since the actual address update would be done automatically, it can be accomplished within a few seconds, if not under a second.

The perfect mailing address verification system is the one that enhances efficiency and returns.

Would you like to improve your company’s performance? NovaMG offers an exceptional address verification system to ensure your customers have a seamless experience.

The nCode mailing address validation solution delivers real benefits. It lets you shorten your call centre interactions while ensuring data is accurate, standardized, and formatted according to your system’s needs.

The best time to fix an address problem is right at the time of capture. The longer you leave it, the more troublesome an address error becomes and the more costly it is to fix. With the nCode mailing address verification system, you can make sure your addresses are right the first time.

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