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Tips For Collecting Zip Code And Postal Information

Address capture is a vital part of any business operations. Whether it is for communicating with your customers or sourcing new leads, efficiency and accuracy are essential. You could be receiving your data from various sources which increases the risk of duplication and incorrect addresses; hence leading to undeliverable mail. The easiest way to save money and protect your reputation is to make sure your address data is correct.

The postal code is the fundamental, essential element of a deliverable address. It is a unique identifier that unambiguously identifies an addressee’s location and assists in the transmission, sorting and delivery of mail items. Without it, your mail could be rendered undeliverable. Address verification software helps eliminate virtually all of your data collection problems. Invest in a proven system to boost your competitive edge.

Relying on external address data collection services also brings on serious concerns about privacy violations. Today’s customer is not only aware but also very particular about how their information was obtained and what it is being used for.

Here are 3 important tips on collecting postal code and other vital information:

  • Be clear about why the details are collected (and used).
  • Be clear about how the information is kept private and safe.
  • Do not mandate that the customer gives you all the information you want, if they prefer not to.

Address capture is quicker and easier with new technologies such as Nova’s address verification software. Our address verification software solutions help many types of Canadian organizations with diverse business applications to solve all of their address quality problems.

We know that the best time to fix an address problem is at the moment of capture. That is why the address verification systems flag incorrect or missing information during data capture.

Try nCode address verification software.

Our customized address capture tools are easy to implement and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. They are also SERP-recognized so you can be confident that your addresses are right.

Ensure the efficiency and accuracy of your most important asset—your customer database!

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