De-duplication With The Right Address Quality Software

Enhanced address quality translates to more efficient customer communication and business transactions. You can reduce a considerable amount of time, effort and money spent in dealing with undeliverable and lost mail/packages.

A quick assessment of an address database will often reveal duplication and lack of a standardized format as being the main reasons for lost or undelivered mail. De-duplication and proper formatting are the best ways to enhance your address quality and competitive edge.

What Is The Cause Of Duplication?

  • Data input from several touch points
  • Merging multiple databases
  • Variations of the original data

How Does It Affect Your Address Quality And Business Transactions?

  • Reflects on your efficiency, customer satisfaction and consequently, business reputation
  • Duplication of messages confuses the customer
  • Compounded problems with transactional data
  • Increased cost of customer communication
  • Vulnerability to fraud (especially with regard to eCommerce transactions)

How Does Address Quality Software Improve Data Quality?

  • Inputs data in the right order from the start eliminating the need to go back and correct it
  • Applies address correction to current data ensuring all the information is in a standardized form
  • Ensures the format is in sync with Canada Post standards reducing effort and expense of resending mail/postage

A standardized address quality software can offer enhanced data quality and correct information at the press of a button. This information can be used for a variety of purposes including marketing campaigns and verifying information for online transactions.

Would you like to improve your company’s performance and profits? NovaMG offers proven address quality solutions that are easy to implement and use.

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