Address Capture Tools Improve Speed And Accuracy

Proven address capture tools can help significantly improve data input speeds as well as accuracy. Address data is an integral part of lead generation and marketing. Efficiency in collating and managing this process impacts the quality of business transactions, communications and ultimately, your bottom line.

What Is Data Entry Speed?

Data entry speed measures the time taken to manually input information using an electronic medium. While it was initially calculated according to WPM (words per minute) like in regular typing, it is now recorded in KPH (keystrokes per hour). Data entry speed and accuracy go hand-in-hand. High speed without accuracy negates efficiency. You could end up with hundreds of incorrect addresses resulting in undeliverable mail and consequently, a loss of customers.

Here’s where using a proven address verification software can simplify address data capture while improving inputting speed and accuracy. nCode’s systems will flag errors and inconsistencies at the outset helping ensure that the data is inputted correctly. This saves the time, effort and cost incurred when you have to go back and correct it at a later stage.

What Types Of Jobs Need Fast, Accurate Address Entry?

From retail to logistics, education, hospitality, entertainment, or any business that has customers needs to maintain address data in some form or the other. Having the right address capture solution can increase the quality of data input and your business processes on the whole.

Would You Like To Improve Your Company’s Performance And Bottom Line?

NovaMG offers an exceptional address capture system to ensure your customers have a seamless experience. We make sure those addresses are inputted correctly the first time. Designed to work with addresses your way, it allows you to configure formats to suit the needs of your business.

No matter what your business requirement, technology platform or application architecture, there’s an address verification tool that fits your needs. You can improve your operational efficiency, customer service and consequently, your profits at the same time.

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