Online Address Validation For Cross Channel Sales

Online address validation offers a simple solution to managing cross channel marketing data. With businesses using a variety of sales platforms to gain a competitive edge, a common threat is that the most basic (and important) customer information will fall through the gaps. Organizations that have a cohesive data management strategy will be able to avoid costly mistakes and prevent potential loss of clients.

What Is Cross Channel Marketing?

Simply put, cross channel marketing (aka multi-channel marketing) uses a variety of platforms, e.g. retail, e-commerce, mail order catalogues, direct mailers, mobile, etc. to reach customers. Customers are everywhere and in order to stay in the game, businesses must be where their customers are.

This could, however, pose a huge data management challenge. Since customer information (name, address, phone number, etc.) is being recorded in a variety of ways, data quality is often the first casualty. As transactions and communications slow down on account of poor data, customer experience and satisfaction will quickly decline negating any of your cross channel marketing efforts.

Here’s where implementing a reliable online address verification tool can make all the difference.

  • Data input will be streamlined for a single view of customers across systems
  • Errors will be flagged and corrected at the inputting stage
  • Customer communication and deliveries will be more efficient
  • You can optimize your payment strategy
  • You can avoid the unnecessary cost of duplication and undeliverable mail
  • You can have access to all kinds of data anytime you need

nCode is an online address validation solution that can improve your data quality and data mapping. We make it easy to capture, correct, standardize and transform your address data for every need while helping you share data seamlessly across several of your own systems.

Get it fast and get it right! Save time and money with our address verification software. No matter what your business requirement, technology platform or application architecture; there’s an nCode solution that fits your needs. Get in touch to learn how we can help with aligning your cross-channel data for better performance.

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