What Is Batch Address Verification?

Batch address verification helps authenticate large volumes of data right from the start. Verifying your information at the point of data capture will save your company the effort, resources and cost associated with failed deliveries. It is a good idea, therefore, to implement an automated system that will flag any discrepancies while the data is being inputted ensuring that all your mailing addresses are in a deliverable format.

Why is batch address verification important for your business?

  • You can verify hundreds/thousands of addresses at one time.
  • Batch address verification software makes sure important mailing data including postal code is included to eliminate any missing data issues.
  • It allows you the flexibility of verifying a subsection or a large volume of addresses from your database.
  • You have the ability to standardize your addresses to Canada Post standards reducing the incidence of returned mail.
  • Accurate mailing addresses enhances the quality of customer communications and your business reputation.
  • It reduces the effort and cost of direct mailing campaigns.

Customer communications is an important part of any business operation. Maintaining an accurate database can be a huge challenge when you are dealing with volume. Correcting one or a few addresses at a time reduces efficiency while increasing your response time. No company can afford this luxury.

Batch address verification can help you clean up large volumes of data easily. Avoid returns, lost mail and failed deliveries and improve your bottom line.

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