Is Bad Data A Hazard To Your Customers?

No matter what type of business you are running, customer satisfaction impacts your reputation and bottom line. Address data is an important part of customer service and business communication. So is bad data a hazard to your customers? Definitely! We have highlighted how data quality affects your customer experience.

How Is Bad Data A Hazard To Your Customers?

The human connection problem:

  • Long waits for important communications affects business transactions and could lead to customers taking their business elsewhere
  • Defection of clients and unclaimed packages amount to huge business losses every year

SOLUTION: Capture correct customer details and clean data to avoid long queues and complaints. You will be able to run efficient calls and spend less time on-boarding your customers.

The outbound marketing issue:

  • It prevents accurate targeting of customers
  • Almost half of targeted customers will walk away if contacted by sources not approved by them

SOLUTION: Clean, enhance and profile customer data. Relevant communication improves ROI, prevents a negative perception (from targeting the same client multiple times) and disappointing customers.

The multichannel marketing challenge:

  • Doesn’t give a full view of customer information across all channels
  • More than 75% of clients will leave if your company had previously made a mistake because you didn’t have Single Customer View (SCV)

SOLUTION: Create an SCV to see your customer data clearly. It develops closer relations, builds loyalty and eradicates customer frustration.

The right address validation software has proven to enhance customer experience and satisfaction, and your bottom line.

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