Why Is Address Quality Important?

Address quality impacts your bottom line and company reputation. Returned or lost mail increases business cost and frustrates your customers. Simply put, your loss is the competition’s gain. With the wide availability of services today it takes very little for clients to move over to another provider. Every business needs to take a long and hard look at their data quality as part of their streamlining efforts. Cutting-edge address validation software can put an end to your problems.

How does address validation software improve data quality and consequently, business transactions?

  • Parses, cleanses, and standardizes global address data
  • Applies geo-coordinates for specific cities and countries
  • Nips problems in the bud by eliminating errors right at the data entry stage
  • Promotes faster and better communications and deliveries
  • Lowers your mailing expenses by eliminating returns
  • Offers better management of large data bases and runs

Some studies suggest that as much as 23% of mail gets lost or returned because of poor address quality. You can take advantage of address data quality validation tools available to insulate your business against these unnecessary errors and losses. They integrate easily into your system and offer flexible solutions to meet your specific needs. Why waste time, effort and money on recovering or resending important mail?

Invest in address quality software to improve business efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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