The Add-Ons That nCode Supports – 2013 Update

The add-ons that nCode supports include address validation using the latest, most comprehensive and accurate geocoding reference data in Canada. Take advantage of high quality address data functionality right on your desktop or in your back-office batch job stream with applications built using the nCode engine.

nCode Batch Processor: Validate and automatically correct your address files

The nCode Batch Processor is perfect for anyone who wants to validate and automatically correct large address files quickly. It is SERP recognized (Software Evaluation and Recognition Program) by Canada Post and produces the Statement of Accuracy report (SOA) needed to qualify for postage discounts. Additionally, it uses the nCode Programmers’ Toolkit giving you both speed and accuracy. Having certified (and correct) addresses saves you the time, trouble and expense on undeliverable mail and enhances customer satisfaction significantly.

The nCode Batch Processor has all the features you are looking for:

  • Simple to implement and use, it is available as a command line utility that runs natively on almost any hardware and operating system platform.
  • Address validation using Canada Post’s address reference data to verify your addresses to a very high degree of accuracy.
  • Fully automated address correction eliminating manual intervention; plus it tells you exactly what is wrong and what is needed to make it a valid address.
  • Automatic standardization of addresses to your or Canada Post’s standards
  • Ability to work with addresses in any format, with as many address formats as your business requires.
  • Bilingual address support including accents, translation of address keywords and French addressing conventions
  • Monthly updates of the reference database based on the latest Canada Post data

nCodeGeo Toolkit for .NET: Find the nearest postal codes and calculate distance between addresses

Augment your addresses by providing longitude and latitude data based on the postal code with the nCodeGeo Toolkit for .NET add-on to the nCode Programmers’ Toolkit. It is perfect for anyone who wants to build powerful geocoding capabilities into their in-house applications and packaged software. It is useful for accurately locating addresses on a map, store locator and nearest point searches as well as business intelligence reporting.

How the nCodeGeo enables address validation and improves operational efficiency:

  • Geocode a postal code by providing a latitude and longitude in decimal degrees or degrees/minutes/seconds format.
  • Find the distance and course between two postal codes between any two points in Canada based on any combination of postal codes and latitude/longitude points.
  • Find nearby postal codes within a given radius of any point – or find the nearest postal codes to any point.
  • Get quarterly updates of the reference database based on the latest reference data.
  • Easy to implement and use, it is available as a .NET DLL for Windows and will soon be available to run natively on any platform. It is also used by the nCode Workbench desktop application to geocode addresses in a batch or one at a time.

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