How nCode Meets The Needs Of CIBC Amicus For Improved Efficiency

CIBC chooses nCode for real-time online correction of address information for President’s Choice Financial.

Client Since: January 1999
Products in Use: nCode Programmers Toolkit, nCode Web Services

What They Needed:

CIBC’s Amicus Group needed a real-time, online, PC based solution to validate and correct address information for a large call centre. These needs included:

  • Address validation for new account activation
  • Address searching for new account activation
  • Integration with a third party electronic banking system and with AS/400
  • Transformation and standardization of address data for credit bureau checks in order to manage the risk affiliated with fraud

Although CIBC was already using two other address correction products, they chose nCode for the President’s Choice Financial implementation as it allowed them greater flexibility in the way they could format address data. It also integrated easily with all of their native systems. nCode provided increased performance and achieved greater throughput, and the price was very competitive.

How nCode Met Their Needs:

Nova’s Professional services team worked with CIBC from planning to launch. The challenge was two kinds of integration; one with 3rd party electronic banking front-end in Win NT and the other with a backend system in AS/400. Nova developed the middleware required to allow nCode to speak to the 3rd party front-end, while using MQ Series to allow the AS/400 backend to speak with a single nCode server servicing both the front and back ends.

This support gave the CIBC team the opportunity to focus their resources on the implementation and the rigorous testing of their banking products.

Following a successful implementation, nCode has been running trouble free. After the initial rollout, CIBC Amicus later expanded their implementation to use nCode Web Services for their customer self-service website.

How did CIBC benefit?

CIBC Amicus realized benefits in many areas as a result of implementing nCode:

  • Significant savings in credit bureau reporting by being able to meet the stringent specifications for address format
  • Improved customer care. Account information is verified online in real-time using nCode.
  • Significant savings on monthly mailing costs by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the address verification process.

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