Alberta Wellnet

Client Since: November 2002
Products in Use: nCode Programmers Toolkit

Alberta Wellnet is part of the Alberta Department of Health. They traditionally managed name and address information for everyone who was enrolled in the provincial health insurance system centrally within their mainframe system environment using Group/1 and Vality software.

Their challenge was to expand the front end of the system to analyze and correct name and address data in “the field” in doctor’s offices, clinics and other health care provider facilities.

To do this, they needed an address management tool which is powerful and flexible in the parsing of address data. They also needed a toolkit that would work in the Java-based IBM WebSphere development environment. The only tool they found that could provide them with the rich functionality they needed was nCode. As a result, nCode was the clear winner when compared to their existing software and others in the marketplace.

Their decision was also heavily influenced by Nova’s aggressive pricing and “terrific” support. Their project manager paid Nova the ultimate compliment by declaring that it was the best third party software support that he had experienced to date.

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