What Is The Business Case For An Address Quality Solution?

There are many benefits your organization can realize by implementing an address quality solution powered by nCode. Using this software allows you to:

  • Save Time – By improving the efficiency of your address capture and management procedures and avoiding wasted effort dealing with the consequences of address errors.
  • Save Money – By improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your mailings and qualifying you for postage discounts from Canada Post.
  • Improve Service Levels – By ensuring that your mailings are not delayed or misdirected. Present a professional image to your customers by ensuring that their address is correct and free of subtle errors.
  • Preserve Data Quality – By reviewing your existing address data periodically, you can automatically detect and correct errors that creep into your data due to postal code map changes and municipal amalgamations.
  • Simplify Your Systems – By using a dedicated address quality component, you can eliminate problem detection and correction processes and any ad hoc edits that you may have used to try to reduce address errors.  With a sophisticated tool like nCode, you can vastly simplify your address capture and management interfaces and processes.

You can learn more about the many benefits of an address quality solution on our website. We would also be happy to work with you to develop your business case for address quality.

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