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We have new hosting provider for Nova’s website, providing improved response times and reliability.

What Are The System Requirements For nCode?

nCode has a very small footprint. As a general guideline, we tell our customers that if a system can run its operating system, it can run our address quality software. Our software runs natively on every major platform and is built from a single common, platform-independent source code base. Specific elements of the nCode suite of address […]

Guided Address Capture Reference Implementation

The nCode Programmers Toolkit provides many powerful tools that facilitate the efficient capture of accurate, standardized mailing addresses. One of the major advantages of nCode over other address quality products is the breadth and flexibility of the available features. nCode provides address analysis and automatic correction, address searching, as well as address parsing and address […]

Improved Automated Database Downloading

You may have read our Knowledge Base article Automating Reference Data Downloads, which describes the process of automating the monthly nCode Address Reference Database download process. You can create an unattended download job that let’s you look for reference database updates and download them automatically using the batch scheduling tool of your choice. This mechanism […]

Address Quality Functions That Efficiently Correct Your Address Data

nCode has many address quality functions that help you efficiently capture, validate and automatically correct all of your Canadian mailing addresses. Since the nCode API is so feature rich, it may not always be easy to know exactly which function is the best one to use in any given situation. This article discusses the various […]

What Does Bad Address Quality Cost You?

Is your address data as accurate as it could be? Customer data is your most valuable information asset. The most important thing you know about your customers is where to find them. That’s why it’s so important to eliminate errors in your address database. Poor address quality impacts your operations in many ways and in […]

Are You Ready For The End Of Invalid Excluded Addresses?

Since Canada Post first introduced Point of Call Address Data (PoCAD) for generating Statement of Accuracy (SOA) reports in January 2011, they have allowed a transition period in which mailers have had the opportunity to clean up suite-related data deficiencies. Canada Post did this so that mailers didn’t find themselves faced with sudden drops in […]

Configuring The Location Of nCode Reference Data Files

One of the benefits of nCode is that it is highly configurable. One of the options you have for configuring your nCode deployment is that you have several ways to set the location of your nCode address reference data. The nCode address reference database consists of a single file (NCODEREF.DAT) built using the Canada Post […]

When It Comes To Postal Codes, Who Do You Trust?

There has been an interesting case in the news recently about Canada Post asserting its intellectual property rights over postal codes. You may have read [1][2][3] that Canada Post is suing an Ottawa-based company called Geolytica, which operates the website At issue is whether anyone has the right to sell or give away lists […]

Getting A Statement Of Accuracy Report With nCode

One of the requirements for getting volume postage discounts from Canada Post is to have your mailing list certified by address quality software that is recognized by Canada Post under their Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP). You need to provide Canada Post with a Statement of Accuracy Report (SOA) that shows your mailing list’s […]