Use A Recognized Address Verification Service To Avoid Mailing Errors

A proven address verification service like nCode can help take of many data correction issues, including a change in street name and/or postal code. This is not uncommon and when it happens, you do not want to be caught unawares. Why incur the additional expense of undeliverable mail? Change In Street Name Sometimes municipalities may [...]

Address Correction And Standardization

nCode Solution Corrects Your Canadian Addresses The leading-edge address correction solution from nCode will help you standardize data for accuracy and efficiency. It automatically corrects your Canadian addresses while providing status updates to let you know what information has been corrected. Address data is one of your most valuable resources. In addition to enabling timely [...]

An Address Verification Service Offers An Instant Solution For Data Cleansing

Lack of consistent data can cost you dearly. Having an address verification service helps you steer clear of the many pitfalls of bad data. Too many times do we hear business owners and companies complain about the increasing challenges and cost of managing customers. Poor data quality plays a large role in that situation. Incomplete, [...]

How Do You Measure Address Quality?

Real Time Address Validation Makes it Easy Having accurate and complete information is crucial to improving business efficiency, customer experience and your bottom line. A proven address validation software can solve a majority of your critical data quality issues. Many businesses are unaware of how to measure address quality. Or, they do not have real [...]

Address Verification Service Irons Out Costly Errors

Remove Shopping Cart Friction With Automation Having a tried-and-tested address verification service like nCode can help smoothen your ecommerce transactions significantly. Most often, customer frustration and delayed payment problems are caused by complicated and time-consuming checkout processes. In fact, studies put shopping cart abandonment as high as 63%. With the right address verification system built [...]

Real Time Address Validation Saves Time And Cost

Common Sources Of Enterprise Data Entry Errors Standardized, real-time address validation tools can help eliminate costly errors and retain clients. Wrong address data not only affects business transactions and returns but also your reputation. Knowing why and where these problems stem from and how to correct them will enable you to take immediate control of [...]

An Address Verification Service Improves Data Quality And Management

Is lost or returned mail causing problems for your business? An address verification service helps correct important information to better communicate with your clients. Wrong addresses mean mailing delays, loss and/or returns. This adds up to: Increased cost of mailing and consequently, higher cost of doing business Waste of resources as jobs have to be [...]

Address Capture Tools Can Prevent Mistakes

There really is no excuse for a wrong address. Not when there are cutting-edge address capture tools available that easily validate information at the time of data input. It is easy to avoid those unnecessary mistakes that are affecting customer experience, satisfaction and consequently, repeat business. No matter what your industry or market position, you [...]

Online Address Validation For Cross Channel Sales

Online address validation offers a simple solution to managing cross channel marketing data. With businesses using a variety of sales platforms to gain a competitive edge, a common threat is that the most basic (and important) customer information will fall through the gaps. Organizations that have a cohesive data management strategy will be able to [...]

Address Capture Tools Improve Speed And Accuracy

Proven address capture tools can help significantly improve data input speeds as well as accuracy. Address data is an integral part of lead generation and marketing. Efficiency in collating and managing this process impacts the quality of business transactions, communications and ultimately, your bottom line. What Is Data Entry Speed? Data entry speed measures the [...]