An Address Verification Service Offers An Instant Solution For Data Cleansing

Lack of consistent data can cost you dearly. Having an address verification service helps you steer clear of the many pitfalls of bad data. Too many times do we hear business owners and companies complain about the increasing challenges and cost of managing customers. Poor data quality plays a large role in that situation.

Incomplete, invalid, and out-dated information as well as duplication are some of the main causes of inaccurate data. The importance of cleansing data for improved, cost-efficient CRM cannot be stressed enough. Missing a step can reduce the effectiveness of any CRM upgrade.

Recommended Steps For Effective Address Data Cleansing

  • Data discovery: This involves identifying all the necessary data elements
  • Data profiling: Collecting information and stats to determine what else address data can be used for
  • Data quality: Creating metrics for future data management
  • Data matching: Determining links for other business objectives
  • Data cleansing: Removing duplicates and invalid entries or out-dated information
  • Data preparation: Formatting and standardizing data for easy access and multiple uses
  • Data auditing: Testing for missing information, duplicates and errors

An address verification service from an established provider can be the simplest yet most effective solution to your data quality issues. Our address verification systems, for instance, flag errors at the time of input. When information is entered correctly, there are no errors to correct. That is time and money saved.

NovaMG offers address verification services and a variety of products that are flexible enough to be tailored to your exact needs. In addition to bringing you savings on your mailing expenses, the data can be accessed in multiple formats to suit your other business objectives, such as prospect targeting and marketing campaigns.

Learn how implementing a solution like nCode, our address validation system that can improve your data quality and reduce user friction.

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