How Do You Measure Address Quality?

Real Time Address Validation Makes it Easy

Having accurate and complete information is crucial to improving business efficiency, customer experience and your bottom line. A proven address validation software can solve a majority of your critical data quality issues.

Many businesses are unaware of how to measure address quality. Or, they do not have real time address validation solutions that can solve their problems almost immediately. Let’s deal with these issues one by one.

Key Metrics For Measuring Address Data Quality In Your Customer Data

Evaluating your address quality is key to determining and implementing the correct solution. Our address validation experts have broken down the process for you as follows:

  • Set a business goal of how accurate you need your data to be.
  • Attach a value to meeting that goal.
  • Then measure these 3 important aspects of your address data

1. Completeness – Incomplete contact information will result in you not being able to reach your customer in time, lost or returned mail and the additional expense of fixing the problem.

2. Duplication – In addition to the unnecessary cost of sending mail and other deliveries to the same client more than once, duplicate entries reduce inventory accuracy and affect purchasing strategies.

3. Validity – In order for address data to be relevant, it must reflect changes in customer information as well as your client lists.

How Real Time Address Validation Solves Your Data Quality Problems

Data volume and complexity can make it harder to measure validity and accuracy at every level. Trying to get this done manually is time consuming and not without the risk of human error.

Real time address validation is the smartest way to go.

  • It corrects errors at the time of data input/entry.
  • Flags discrepancies that can be corrected in advance.
  • Formats and standardizes information for enhanced efficiency and accuracy.
  • Ensures your address data conforms to Canada Post standards reducing the chance of lost or returned mail.
  • Promotes on-time communication and deliveries resulting in a happy customer.

Looking to improve your data entry process and overall data quality?

At NovaMG, our SERP-recognized nCode address validation solutions are easy to implement and will automatically correct data at the point of entry saving you time and money. Additionally, they can be customized to your business requirements for maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Call NovaMG now at 416-915-4258 (GTA) or 1-866-611-8353 (toll free from Canada/U.S.). Request A Free Consultation and know more about our real time address validation solutions.

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