An Address Verification Service Improves Data Quality And Management

Is lost or returned mail causing problems for your business? An address verification service helps correct important information to better communicate with your clients.

Wrong addresses mean mailing delays, loss and/or returns. This adds up to:

  • Increased cost of mailing and consequently, higher cost of doing business
  • Waste of resources as jobs have to be redone
  • Low customer satisfaction rates affecting referral business
  • Poor business reputation which impacts brand loyalty and could result in loss of customers
  • Reduced cash flow as late and lost packages delay payments

Cleaning your address database can be a huge challenge, especially if you are trying to do it manually. Here’s where investing in an advanced address verification system can improve efficiency and productivity. Standardized formats flag incorrect or wrong data, thus enabling you to fix problems right away.

Even with an address verification system in place, you must have a plan as to how you are going to streamline your data. Our experts offer some useful tips below.

Steps To Clean Your Direct Mailing List:

  • Purge your list of out-dated contacts and information to improve response rate; reduce mailing errors and cost.
  • Keep an eye out for duplicates which are costing you time and money.
  • Update profiles for more direct and personalized communication.
  • Segment your data for better targeting of your marketing campaigns.
  • Consider including return postage to determine who is receiving your mail and who is not.

Our address verification systems can improve your data quality and data mapping significantly. Our solutions give you the tools you need to automate the monitoring of your existing address data. Many of the issues that are detected by nCode can be fixed automatically. We also provide assistance in finding and capturing new, valid addresses. Get in touch to learn how our address verification service can help with aligning your cross-channel data for better performance.

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