Use A Recognized Address Verification Service To Avoid Mailing Errors

A proven address verification service like nCode can help take of many data correction issues, including a change in street name and/or postal code. This is not uncommon and when it happens, you do not want to be caught unawares. Why incur the additional expense of undeliverable mail?

Change In Street Name

Sometimes municipalities may change a street name to honour a famous person (like when Toronto named part of John Street after Moses Znaimer). Neglecting to update your address data will lead to mail getting lost and result in disappointed or irate customers. Not to forget the expense of re-mailing it.

Change in postal code

All Canadian postal codes follow the same format and are divided into two three-character segments i.e. letter-number-letter-space-number-letter-number. The first segment, called the ‘forward sortation area’ (FSA), is used to identify the geographic location of the address.

The second segment, called the ‘location delivery unit’ (LDU), represents either a specific address or group of addresses.

When rural areas are absorbed into the urban network, a major problem can arise. For example, a rural code such as N01 can have an urban (non-zero) code when a rural road becomes a named road (RR1 becomes a main street).

Change in data, even by 1-3 characters, can once again result in wrong deliveries, lost mail and having to resend mail, if your system is not updated.

Worse still is when you have an old address plus a new one, because now you have two records for the same customer!

Automatic Address Verification Service

Keeping track of these changes and making timely amendments can be a tricky challenge. Would it not be easier to have an address verification system or service that will automatically do it based on official address updates and history?

Our address verification service makes this possible. It automatically updates your address data and lets you see what changes are made. More importantly, our address verification systems meet Canada Post SERP standards for maximum accuracy and mailing efficiency. The system will also flag discrepancies such as duplicate data and missing information immediately.

Learn how implementing our address validation system can improve your address quality and remove duplicate data.

Call us at 416-915-4258 (GTA) or 1-866-611-8353 (toll free from Canada/U.S.). Request A Free Consultation and know more about our address verification service and systems.

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