Laying A Strong Foundation

High quality address data is the strong foundation you need for your customer database – and your customer database is one of your most important information assets. This is where you can find articles on general address data quality topics, including information about Canada Post's SERP program and their rules for address correction and standardization.

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  Why Is Address Data So Hard To Get Right?
Data quality is a challenge in general, but what makes address data so much trickier than usual?
  What Is The Business Case For An Address Quality Solution?
You're a data quality purist, so address data quality makes sense to you. Unfortunately your CFO needs to see some hard numbers. Read about the factors that go into building a compelling business case for an address quality solution.
  What Is SERP Recognition And Why Is It Important?
There are many address quality tools and approaches available. Only some of these are recognized by Canada Post's SERP testing program. Why should you be concerned about whether your solution is SERP recognized?
  Does Canada Post Provide Competitive Comparisons Of The Products On Their SERP List?
You've heard that not all SERP software is created equal. How do you know which ones are the best?
  What Is A Questionable Address?
nCode has told you that an address is "Questionable". What does that mean and what can you do about it?
  What Is An Excluded Address Or An Excluded Apartment Address?
Your Statement of Accuracy Report has a new category on it. What is the significance of an "Excluded Address"?
  Rural Street Addresses
Find out more about why some addresses can't be validated or corrected by SERP recognized software.

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