How Address Layouts Affect Address Quality

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Did you know that address layout affects address quality and is one of the main reasons for your mailing issues? Incomplete and wrong addresses (and returned or lost mail) are often a result of improper layouts and insufficient information. A proven address verification system like nCode helps eliminate virtually all your data issues. Here’s how:

What Is An Address Layout?

Your address is broken up into lines and each line contains a different type of information i.e. street, city, province, postal code, etc. The address layout is a configuration setting that defines how your address is structured or formatted.

How Layout Impacts Address Quality And Verification?

Address layout affects address quality and verification in three critical ways.

  • It determines what your address lines are and what information goes on each line.
  • It defines where each element goes as well as the elements that apply to other address types like PO box and rural route addresses. This helps find the best match quickly.
  • The arrangement of your address lines is important for data management and business efficiency. Many businesses use address data for multiple purposes. Layout determines how the information will be stored in a single record.

Why Address Element Scoping Is Important

Address element scoping is an important part of address layouts and can create address quality problems down the line. The list of address elements is determined by Canada Post. One way to reduce mailing inefficiencies and cost is using an address verification system which references the latest Canada Post data to optimize your address quality.

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Our address verification system has the advanced capabilities to match your addresses no matter how they are is formatted. More importantly while determining your address layout, nCode provides vital feedback about address quality.

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