Our Address Validation System Improves Data Entry Quality For Multi Language Call Centers

An SERP-recognized address validation system like nCode instantly corrects data to Canada Post requirements, resolving many of the issues that multi-language call centers may face. Missing or incorrect accents in French language addresses, for example, can render addresses invalid and often result in lost or returned mail. This tarnishes business image and customer relations, in addition to increasing operational costs.

Our mailing address validation system immediately flags errors and corrects them while providing you with real time updates to let you know what information has been changed. Automatic validation and correction saves costly errors and the time and effort spent in correcting them later.

Let us look at how an advanced, automated address validation solution like nCode can resolve common problems in call centers.

  • It tells you if an element is wrong, missing or misspelled, thus reducing the incidence of human error and cost of having to redo it.
  • It applies correct accents, syntax, keywords, etc. (for French addresses or conversion to English) Which can often be missed or wrongly inputted as a result of non-native speakers’ unfamiliarity with the language. nCode lets you complete address data quickly and easily using partial information. All you need is the postal code.
  • It standardizes address format/layout to solve many common data inputting issues surrounding punctuation, correct abbreviations, keywords, numeric formats, field alignment, etc.
  • It provides important address validation information as per Canada Post standards which is key to successful, on-time mail delivery and lower postal costs.
  • Allows for custom formats, enabling you to define as many different address layouts as your organization requires. Marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), business intelligence (BI), master data management (MDM) and mailing operations, all collect and use address information.

Improve your accuracy and call center speed with an integrated data validation service from nCode.

Our address validation system is flexible, powerful and fast. It lets you work with addresses the way you want. Plus it adheres to Canada Post standards for accurate mailing and greater cost efficiency.

nCode’s address quality engine can match thousands of addresses per second and uses the latest reference data from Canada Post. Our proprietary reference address database technology means that there are no third party software programs and expensive database management systems to buy, install or operate.

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