Online Address Verification: What Can nCode Do?

Online address verification can help resolve many of your customer communication and transactional issues. Complex data gathering formats and lack of standardization, especially to Canada Post standards, often result in customer frustration, shopping cart abandonment and business loss.

A proven address verification system like nCode solves most of your data gathering problems right at the time of input. This saves time, effort and resources. It also results in positive customer experiences, more favourable response and higher conversion rates.

What Can nCode Do?

  • Improves address data quality: nCode makes sure your Canadian addresses are of the highest quality by validating, automatically correcting and formatting your address data.
  • Is highly configurable: Your addresses can be transformed into multiple formats (and layouts) to suit your organization’s specific requirements. nCode lets you define as many standardization configuration presets as you require, to meet your business needs.
  • Gives you powerful searching tools: nCode software helps you capture addresses quickly and with minimal effort. Being an SERP-recognized address verification system, it includes many important features such as:
    • Postal code look up
    • Lets you complete address data quickly and easily using partial information
  • Easily integrates with your systems: Your users can benefit from multiple online address verification features without abandoning applications that they are already used to.
  • Provides real time status updates to let you know exactly what has been fixed in machine and human readable formats.

Watch this video and others from our YouTube channel to learn more about how nCode can help with your address verification process.

Our address verification system allows you to make sure that every address that gets into your system has the complete and correct information, in the right format, the first time.

It works on every major platform and can be accessed using virtually any programming language. Advanced techniques ensure that minimal system resources are required. You will not need to acquire and manage additional hardware in order to use nCode. Further, nCode has no third-party software dependencies, so there is nothing else for you to buy, install or operate.

Leverage the power of our online address verification system to deliver exceptional value to your users and customers.

Call us at 416-915-4258 or 1-866-611-8353 (toll free from Canada/U.S.). Request A Free Consultation and know more about our online address verification system.

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