Are Your Customers Abandoning The Checkout?

Use The nCode Address Validation System To Increase Conversions

An SERP-recognised address validation tool like nCode can help significantly reduce loss of customers at the checkout stage. Rigid address formats are one of the main reasons for customer frustration and abandonment, and just when you almost had them! Postal code entry, for instance, is a major friction point as customers may enter it in different ways e.g. upper or lower case, with or without spaces. Read our tips on how to improve customer experience and conversions.

How To Reduce Abandonment At Checkout

  • Hide additional fields, like the shipping address. Defaulting to the billing address or using a check box to activate this option (when the billing address is different) will save time and effort.
  • Provide reasons to ask for non-standard mailing address information, such as an email address or phone number.
  • Make the primary call to action prominent so customers know exactly what to do.
  • Be clear about next steps e.g. ‘continue to checkout’ or ‘continue shopping’ instead of just ‘continue’.
  • Keep the cart visible for the customer to verify contents and avoid duplication. It reduces checkout time and irritation.
  • Don’t let address validation hold your customer hostage! Your system could be wrong, and it may lead to customer frustration and a lost sale.

Want to reduce the number of shopping cart abandonments? Our address validation software can help ensure your customers have an easy checkout.

The address verification system is highly configurable and lets you work with any number of formats that you require. It also accepts your addresses in any format and can quickly transform it into the one that you need (postal code entry will not be problem). Moreover, nCode’s advanced address quality engine can match thousands of addresses per second using the latest reference data from Canada Post, so you won’t have to worry about lost or returned mail. Further, there’s no third party software, like expensive database management systems to buy, install or operate.

Make your checkout process simple, secure and fast with our address validation system.

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