It Pays to Use nCode

Save Time and Money

nCode helps you to save time and money – lots of time and money. Without nCode, capturing address data is costly, time-consuming and error prone. Whether your address data is captured manually or electronically, you want to get it fast and get it right.

nCode lets you shorten your call centre interactions while ensuring data is accurate, standardized, and formatted according to your system's needs. The cheapest time to fix an address problem is right at capture time. The later you leave it, the more troublesome an address error becomes and the more costly it is to fix. With nCode you can make sure your addresses are right the first time.

nCode also saves you money by increasing the efficiency of your operations. Don't waste time and money chasing down problems and complaints. Reduce the need for training your call centre operators by taking the guesswork and opinion out of address data capture. Make sure you avoid duplication in your mailings and improve the penetration rate of your marketing campaigns. nCode's SERP recognized software can help you qualify for significant postage savings too.

Improve Customer Service

Using nCode to avoid address data problems will improve your customer service levels and customer satisfaction. Easily avoid the delays, inconvenience and embarrassment of misdirected mailings and poor spelling, formatting or other address errors in your customer communications.

Using nCode in your call centre system makes the customer interaction more efficient without compromising on quality. nCode's powerful search and correction features allow your call centre operators to get a complete, accurate, and properly formatted address with a minimal amount of information. Never force your customers to dictate their entire address again!

With nCode powering your customer self-service system, your customers will maintain their own addresses with unparalleled ease and accuracy. Do you find filling out typical address web forms tiresome? We do. You have to carefully read what data to enter into which field. If you miss something you have to go back, find and then fix the problem. Even so, there's no guarantee that the right information is in the right fields. Wouldn't it be better if there were just one textbox and you could type in any address information you wanted, without all the fuss? Wouldn't it be great to get real time feedback with suggestions based on Canada Post's list of known valid addresses? With nCode, not only is this possible, it's easy.

Ensure Data Quality

Your customer database may be your most important information asset. Making sure that it's built on a strong foundation of high quality address data helps to ensure that your business decisions are based on sound facts.

nCode helps to ensure that your addresses are of the highest quality by validating, automatically correcting and standardizing your addresses according to your business requirements. nCode can parse your addresses for storage and analysis. With nCode you can transform your addresses into any number of formats that your systems require.

nCode fully supports English and French addressing, including accents, French address syntax and address keyword translation, as well as all of the Canada Post-acknowledged address keywords, including street and municipality name alternates and abbreviations. Our reference database is rebuilt each month using the very latest data from Canada Post so you always have the most timely, accurate results.

nCode is recognized under Canada Post's Software Evaluation and Recognition Program (SERP). Our address correction algorithm is very aggressive and properly analyzes and corrects many more addresses than are required to pass the SERP tests. We encourage you to compare any other address accuracy tools with nCode. We think you'll be amazed by how much better your results will be with nCode.

Simplify Your Systems

nCode lets you work with your addresses the way you want to. Unlike some other address quality software, nCode won't force you to conform to someone else's idea of what an address should look like and how it should be structured. nCode is built from the ground up to integrate easily into your business systems. nCode also runs natively on the widest range of hardware and operating system platforms of any SERP recognized address quality tool. nCode is easy to implement. An easy implementation is a fast implementation, and a fast implementation starts the benefits rolling in sooner.