The nCode Advantage

The nCode Programmers Toolkit is the premiere address quality software engine for Canadian mailing addresses. No other Canada Post SERP-recognized software offers the same power, flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness as nCode. There are many reasons why you should choose nCode:


nCode has an extremely aggressive correction algorithm that recognizes and automatically corrects many more addresses than are necessary to pass the Canada Post SERP test. Your marketing mailings can't impact the customers who never receive them. More importantly, when dealing with critical documents that simply must be delivered like statements, service announcements and other important product information, every piece of misdirected and returned mail is very costly. With nCode, you can get your addresses right the first time and avoid the delays, wasted effort, cash flow impacts and customer service problems that result from bad addresses.


nCode is designed to work with your addresses your way. Unlike other address quality tools that force you to conform to their address layouts and optimization rules, nCode allows you to configure as many different address formats as you need to meet the demands of your business. You can work with addresses that are highly structured, completely free form, or anything in between.

Platform Independence

nCode runs natively in batch and online modes on any major hardware and operating system platform, including Windows, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, IBM i (AS/400) and z/OS (MVS). Our source code is identical on every supported platform, which means that not only are our interfaces identical, but the behaviour of the software is identical too. You can deploy nCode in many systems on many platforms according to your business needs and you won't have to deal with inconsistent results or multiple learning curves. Should you ever migrate from one platform to another, nCode will stay the same.

For web-based applications, we also provide a web services interface which takes all of the pain out of implementing a distributed or Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) address quality solution. We even offer a fully hosted web services option for those who want a zero-footprint alternative.


The nCode toolkit uses advanced techniques to ensure that minimal system resources are required. Our address reference database1 is a mere 20MB in size. What's more, this database consists of a single binary file which uses our proprietary database engine, so there is no third-party software to buy, install or operate. The nCode software uses minimal system resources and requires no additional hardware.

Monthly address reference database updates are provided using the latest information available from Canada Post and installing the monthly updates is as easy as copying a single binary file.


nCode's tiny footprint and advanced compression technology allow it to outperform the competition. nCode can batch process addresses at a rate of several million records per hour. That's between 1,000 and 2,000 records each second – sometimes even more. For web-based applications, nCode has millisecond2 response times.

Powerful Features

nCode validates and automatically corrects your addresses, telling you what changes are required to perfect your addresses. If nCode cannot automatically correct your address with confidence, it will provide you with a list of the best matches.

While there are many products that validate and correct whole addresses, only nCode searches for and completes addresses based on any partial address inputs. Similarly, while other products return search results only at the postal code address range level, nCode lets you drill down to your address by searching for municipalities, streets, FSAs and postal codes in addition to postal code/street address ranges.

Most important of all, nCode lets you transform any valid or correctable address from any layout to any other layout. This is a rare and powerful feature that lets you handle addresses from multiple sources of varying quality, while maintaining consistent, high quality master data, and servicing diverse needs for system outputs.

Cost Effectiveness

Many address validation tools are expensive and some provide limited value. nCode helps you maximize the value of your address database assets while virtually eliminating the cost of manual address data clean-up. The extremely high accuracy that nCode provides, combined with its tiny footprint and high performance, make nCode your most cost-effective choice for address quality software. You can choose from a variety of pricing models to meet the needs of your organization and applications. We will find the pricing model which makes the most sense for you, ensuring that you get the highest return on investment for your address quality solution.

Take the nCode Challenge

We encourage you to compare your existing address accuracy tools and processes with nCode. We think you'll be amazed by how much better your results could be.


1 The nCode address reference database for use in interactive applications is a single file built using Canada Post PCAD data and is about 20MB in size.  The nCode address reference database for batch processing to produce Statement of Accuracy reports for Canada Post is built using their point of call (PoCAD) data and is a single file of about 38MB.  Implementations that use both interactive and batch features will require both of these reference database files.
2 In our testing, nCode Web Services installed on-premise has typical response times of about 5ms.  Hosted nCode has typical response times of around 100ms.  Web service response times depend on many factors which are out of our control.  Your response times may vary.